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Parmelioid lichens of Iran and the Caucasus Region
Mohammad Sohrabi, Teuvo Ahti & Gennadi Urbanavichus
Mycologia Balcanica 4: 21–30 (2007)
Published online: 20 June 2007
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Fourteen parmelioid species, Cetrelia cetrarioides, Hypogymnia physodes, H. austerodes, H. vittata, Melanelixia subaurifera, Melanohalea elegantula, Parmelia saxatilis, Xanthoparmelia camtschadalis, X. delisei, X. loxodes, X. pokornyi, X. stenophylla, X. tinctina and X. verruculifera, are reported as new to Iran. The taxonomy, nomenclature and distribution of the 76 parmelioid lichen species reported from Iran and Caucasus (Russian Caucasus, Azerbaijan Republic, Georgia and Armenia) are briefly reviewed. Menegazzia subsimilis is reported for the first time from the Caucasus Region.

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Georgia, Iran, lichens, Parmeliaceae, Russia