MYCOBIOTA is a peer-reviewed journal.

MYCOBIOTA is a journal

Only papers written in English are accepted for consideration.

Papers appropriate for the journal should fall into one of the following categories:

  1. monographs (taxonomic revisions or contributions exceeding 60 printed pages);
  2. full length articles,
    • reporting original and well-documented taxonomic revisions of genera or higher taxa (preferably, in large geographic areas), descriptions of new taxa, phylogenetic analyses, new records with high impact, nomenclature novelties, etc.;
    • reporting original and well-documented studies connected with conservation of fungi;
  3. notes or brief articles, reporting short original research results or timely novel findings;
  4. checklists and catalogues;
  5. reviews.

Publication of monographs and large taxonomic contributions and revisions will be encouraged. ISBN numbers will be assigned to the monographic papers. Less comprehensive taxonomic papers (notes or brief articles), e.g. dealing with a few new records, will be accepted for consideration only if their importance is clearly explained. Publication of checklists and catalogues will be limited to those with high impact. Authors should consult the Editor-in-Chief before submitting a review manuscript.

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