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A taxonomic study of Phragmidiaceae (Uredinales) in Bulgaria
Roumyana D. Petrova & Cvetomir M. Denchev
Mycologia Balcanica 1: 95–115 (2004)
Published online: 30 November 2004
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A taxonomic revision of Phragmidiaceae in Bulgaria was carried out. The study yielded distribution of 5 genera, among which Frommeëla (F. tormentillae) is a new Bulgarian genus record, and 16 species on 46 hosts from Rosaceae, making 61 rust-host combinations. Trachyspora pentaphylleae is reported for the first time from Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. Twenty-two rust-host combinations are new records for Bulgaria, viz. Phragmidium bulbosum on Rubus canescens and R. praecox; Ph. mucronatum on Rosa canina var. andegavensis, R. dumalis, and R. pendulina; Ph. potentillae on Potentilla bornmuelleri and P. pedata; Ph. sanguisorbae on Sanguisorba minor subsp. muricata; Ph. tuberculatum on Rosa centifolia, R. chinensis, R. damascena, R. dumalis, R. pendulina, and R. turcica; Ph. violaceum on Rubus canescens var. glabratus, R. geniculatus, and R. radula; Trachyspora intrusa on Alchemilla catachnoa, A. connivens, A. gorcensis, A. incisa, and A. jumrukczalica. Twenty-six rust-host combinations, previously recorded for Bulgaria, are treated here as doubtful or wrong records, viz. Phragmidium bulbosum on Fragaria vesca, Rubus corylifolius, R. fruticosus, R. glandulosus, R. nemorosus, R. thyrsanthus, and Rubus thyrsoideus; Ph. fragariae on Fragaria vesca and Potentilla patula; Ph. fusiforme on Rosa gallica and R. pulverulenta (R. glutinosa); Ph. mucronatum on Rosa micrantha; Ph. potentillae on Potentilla crantzii; Ph. tuberculatum on Rosa arvensis, R. myriacantha, R. sepium, R. spinosissima, and R. vosagiaca; Ph. violaceum on Rubus fruticosus, R. macrostachys, and R. nemorosus; Kuehneola uredinis on Rubus caesius and R. glandulosus; Trachyspora intrusa on Alchemilla gracilima, A. heterophylla, and A. pubescens.

Bulgaria, Kuehneola, Phragmidium, Rosaceae, taxonomy, Trachyspora