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Massariosphaeria websteri sp. nov. and several members of the Pleosporales noteworthy to Pakistan
Kazuaki Tanaka, Kazuyuki Hirayama & S.H. Iqbal
Mycologia Balcanica 7: 77–85 (2011)
Published online: 14 January 2011
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A new species, Massariosphaeria websteri, on submerged decaying culms of a grass (possibly Phragmites karka) in freshwater in Pakistan is described, illustrated and compared with closely related taxa in the genus Massariosphaeria. It is characterized by immersed, scattered, subglobose to conical, ostiolate ascomata each with a papillate beak; 20–32 µm thick, 5–7 layers, polygonal to rectangular peridial cells; branched and anastomosed pseudoparaphyses; relatively large (170–245 × 26.5–35 µm), fissitunicate, cylindrical asci; and ascospores large-sized (av. 52.2 × 13.5 µm), narrowly fusiform to clavate, (7–) 8–11-septate, surrounded by a gelatinous sheath. Additionally, six other members of the Pleosporales, Massariosphaeria typhicola, Lophiostoma caulium, Lophiostoma compressum, Lophiostoma quadrinucleatum, Nodulosphaeria aquilana,  and Trichometasphaeria culmifida are reported.

aquatic fungi, Dothideomycetidae, freshwater ascomycetes, Pleosporales, taxonomy