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Extraction of taxol, an anticancer drug from coelomycetous fungi Pestalotiopsis versicolor and Phyllosticta murrayicola
G. Kathiravan & J. Muthumary
Mycologia Balcanica 6: 55–60 (2009)
Published online: 28 August 2009
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Two different coelomycetous fungi were screened for the production of taxol, an anticancer drug. Taxol production was confirmed by following methods Ultra Violet (UV) spectroscopic analysis, Infra Red analysis (IR), High performance liquid chromatography analysis (HPLC) and Liquid chromatography mass spectrum (LC-MASS), and the taxol compared with authentic taxol. The fungal taxol was identical to authentic taxol. The taxol produced by the above fungi were tested against cancer A549 cell line.

A549 cell line, Pestalotiopsis versicolor, Phyllosticta murrayicola, taxol production