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Lundquistia is a synonym of Sporisorium (Ustilaginomycetes)
James H. Cunnington, Kálmán Vánky & Roger G. Shivas
Mycologia Balcanica 2: 95–99 (2005)
Published online: 30 June 2005
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Phylogenetic analysis of four species of Lundquistia revealed the genus to be polyphyletic. Morphological characters and phylogenetic relationships demonstrate that Lundquistia should be reduced to synonymy with Sporisorium. Three new combinations are proposed: Sporisorium dietelianum, S. duranii, and S. mexicanum. Sporisorium fasicularis is considered a synonym of S. panici-leucophaei.

Lundquistia, molecular biology, smut fungi, Sporisorium, taxonomy