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New and rare Bulgarian boletes
Boris Assyov
Mycologia Balcanica 2: 75–81 (2005)
Published online: 30 June 2005
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The paper provides information about the first findings in Bulgaria of four rare and noteworthy taxa of Boletus. A new combination, B. persicolor, is proposed for the accommodation of Xerocomus persicolor into Boletus. Boletus depilatus, B. luteocupreus, B. permagnificus, and B. persicolor are described and illustrated. In addition a second locality in Bulgaria is reported for B. dupainii, which is one of the candidates for inclusion of the Appendix I of the Bern Convention. The potential conservation status of the five species is briefly discussed.

Basidiomycetes, Boletales, Bulgaria, fungal diversity, rare fungi