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Pilocintractia gen. nov. (Ustilaginomycetes)
Kálmán Vánky
Mycologia Balcanica 1: 169–174 (2004)
Published online: 30 November 2004
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Based on molecular sequence data and morphological characters of the sori a new genus, Pilocintractia, is described for Cintractia fimbristylidicola. The importance of sterile fungal filaments between mature spores for the classification of smut fungi is discussed. Presence of gelatinised fungal filaments between spores is a useful tool for separating Pilocintractia from other genera of the Cintractia sensu lato group.

Cintractia s. lat., Cyperaceae, Fimbristylis, Pilocintractia, smut fungi, taxonomy