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Centrolepidosporium sclerodermum, gen. et sp. nov. (Ustilaginomycetes) from Australia
Roger G. Shivas & Kálmán Vánky
Mycologia Balcanica 4: 1-4 (2007)
Published online: 20 June 2007
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A new genus, Centrolepidosporium, is proposed to accommodate a new smut fungus, C. sclerodermum, collected in Australia on Centrolepis exserta. The new species is unique in that it produces tightly packed spores in spore balls surrounded by a cortex of sterile cells. This is the first report of a smut fungus on the plant family Centrolepidaceae.

new species,, smut fungi, Sporisorium, Tilletia, Tranzscheliella, Urocystis, Ustilaginomycetes