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Two novel species of Neosporidesmium from India

J. Pratibha, A.A. Mao & Ashish Prabhugaonkar
MYCOBIOTA 8: 9–14 (2018)
Published online: 19 April 2018
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Two novel species of the asexual ascomycete genus Neosporidesmium are described as N. garoense and N. khasianum from Garo and Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, India, respectively. Neosporidesmium garoense growing on bamboo litter is distinguished from closely related species by the larger size of synnema and smaller conidia. Neosporidesmium khasianum growing on litter of the tree Wightia speciosissima is distinguished by the size of conidia, the presence of multiple proliferations and the size of synnema.

Ascomycota,asexual morphs,Garo-Khasi hills,India,Meghalaya,Neosporidesmium,new species,synnemata,taxonomy