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The genus Cheiromycella (hyphomycetes): nomenclature, taxonomy and a new species
Uwe Braun, Vadim A. Mel'nik & Maria A Tomoshevich
Mycologia Balcanica 6: 107–110 (2009)
Published online: 30 December 2009
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The sporodochial hyphomycete genus Cheiromycella is briefly discussed, including nomenclature and taxonomy of its type species, C. microscopica. C. foliicola, a new species of this genus on leaves of Alnus fruticosa from Russia, is described, illustrated and compared with other species of Cheiromycella. Coniothecium chomatosporum var. variegatum is reassessed after examination of type material and reduced to a synonym of Coniosporium spadiceum, a new combination proposed for the anamorph of Hysterium insidens. A key to the species of Cheiromycella is provided.

Ascomycota, anamorphs, Cheiromycella foliicola sp. nov., Cheiromycella chomatospora, Coniosporium spadiceum comb. nov., Coniothecium chomatosporum var. variegatum