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Additions to the cercosporoid fungi from the Brazilian Cerrado: 1. New species on hosts belonging in family Fabaceae, and reallocations of four Stenella species into Zasmidium

Antonio Hernández-Gutiérrez, Zuleide Martins Chaves, Denise Dornelo-Silva & José Carmine Dianese
MYCOBIOTA 5: 33–64 (2015)
Published online: 18 December 2015
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Nine new species of cercosporoid fungi were found on leaves of plants in family Fabaceae from the Brazilian Cerrado: Asperisporium galactiae on Galactia peduncularis, Sirosporium sclerolobii and Zasmidium sclerolobii on Sclerolobium paniculatum, Pseudocercospora acosmii-subelegantis on Acosmium subelegans, and Pseudocercospora stryphnodendri on Stryphnodendron adstringens. In addition, four other Pseudocercospora species were found on Cassia s. lat., including Chamaecrista and Senna: Pseudocercospora aquae-emendadasensis on Chamaecrista orbiculata; Pseudocercospora sennae, Pseudocercospora sennae-rugosae, and Pseudocercospora subcuticularis on Senna rugosa. Descriptions, illustrations, and discussions of the new taxa are supplemented by keys to Pseudocercospora species on hosts belonging to Cassia s. lat., and to Zasmidium species on Fabaceae.

Asperisporium, foliicolous fungi, fungal taxonomy, leaf spots, Neotropical mycodiversity, Pseudocercospora, Sirosporium