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The smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Eriocaulaceae. I. Eriomoeszia gen. nov.
Kálmán Vánky
Mycologia Balcanica 2: 105–111 (2005)
Published online: 30 June 2005
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A new genus, Eriomoeszia, is described for Tolyposporium eriocauli (Moesziomyces eriocauli) on Eriocaulon. It is compared with Moesziomyces bullatus, the type species of the genus Moesziomyces, found on Echinochloa and other grass genera.

Eriocaulon, Eriomoeszia, Moesziomyces bullatus, new genus, smut fungi, Ustilaginomycetes