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Atractilina alinae sp. nov. and Neosporidesmium vietnamense sp. nov. – two new synnematous hyphomycetes from Vietnam

Vadim A. Mel'nik & Uwe Braun
MYCOBIOTA 3: 1–9 (2013)
Published online: 03 November 2013
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The new species Atractilina alinae and Neosporidesmium vietnamense, collected in Vietnam on fallen leaves of an unidentified tree and on bark of a twig of an unknown tree, respectively, are described, illustrated and discussed. A. alinae resembles the hyperparasitic A. parasitica, but differs in having quite distinct conidia. Neosporidesmium vietnamense is morphologically unique by its synnematous, indeterminate conidiomata, integrated, terminal, monoblastic, non-proliferating conidiogenous cells and obclavate, rostrate, euseptate conidia, but taxonomically rather complex with regard to its generic affinity.

Ascomycota,asexual morphs,new species,Southeast Asia,synnemata,Vietnam