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Erratomycetaceae, fam. nov., and validation of some names of smut fungi recently described from India

Cvetomir M. Denchev & Teodor T. Denchev
MYCOBIOTA 1: 63–70 (2013)
Published online: 11 January 2013
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A new family, Erratomycetaceae, is described as distinct from Tilletiaceae based on host specialization, morphological features of the sori and spores, and results of published molecular phylogenetic analyses. Eight invalidly published names of Indian smut fungi are discussed. Four of these are considered to apply to distinct species and their names are validated as Eballistra punensis, Anthracocystis kolhapurensis, Sporisorium mahabaleshwarense, and Sporisorium lohagadense. The remaining names are recognized as synonyms of validly published names. A new name, Anthracocystis guoae, is proposed to replace Sporisorium apludae-muticae L. Guo (non Anthracocystis apludae-muticae (A.R. Patil et al.) McTaggart & R.G. Shivas).

Eballistra,Erratomyces,Erratomycetaceae,India,Melanotaenium,smut fungi,Sporisorium,Tilletia