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Two new species of smut fungi from the Neotropics: Ustanciosporium bulbostylidis-truncatae and Ustanciosporium bulbostylidis-coniferae

Teodor T. Denchev & Cvetomir M. Denchev
MYCOBIOTA 13: 31–37 (2023)
Published online: 02 December 2023
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Two new species of Ustanciosporium, U. bulbostylidis-truncatae and U. bulbostylidis-coniferae, are described and illustrated. These are the first records of species of this genus on hosts in Bulbostylis (Cyperaceae). Both species are known only from their type localities, in the savannas of Suriname (Sipaliwini Savanna Nature Reserve, for U. bulbostylidis-truncatae) and Guyana (near Manari, for U. bulbostylidis-coniferae). Ustanciosporium bulbostylidis-truncatae is distinguished from U. bulbostylidis-coniferae by having smaller spores, (9.5–)10–12.5(–13.5) μm long vs. (12–)12.5–15.5(–16.5) μm long for U. bulbostylidis-coniferae, and thinner spore wall, 0.5–0.9(–1.2) μm thick vs. 0.6–1.7(–2.0) μm thick for U. bulbostylidis-coniferae.

Anthracoideaceae, Bulbostylis, Guyana, Sipaliwini Savanna, Suriname, smut fungi, Ustanciosporium