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The genus Pericladium (Ustilaginales). Pericladiaceae fam. nov.
Kálmán Vánky
Mycologia Balcanica 8: 147–152 (2011)
Published online: 13 December 2011
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An historical account is given of the smut fungus genus Pericladium and its species, parasitic on members of Grewia (Malvaceae). The genus is characterised and descriptions of its three recognised species, P. grewiae, P. piperis and P. tiliacearum are given, along with their synonyms, host plant range and geographic distribution. A key to the species of Pericladium is presented. Arguments are enumerated for the necessity of description of a new family, Pericladiaceae, to accommodate Pericladium within the Ustilaginales.

Grewia, Malvaceae, Pericladiaceae, Pericladium, Pericladium grewiae, plant parasite, smut fungi, Ustilaginales