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Contribution to the study of Agrocybe pediades complex (Agaricales) in Russia based on nrITS sequences
Ekaterina F. Malysheva & Anna A. Kiyashko
Mycologia Balcanica 8: 115–124 (2011)
Published online: 13 December 2011
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Agrocybe pediades is a rather widespread species mentioned in many Russian regional check-lists. However, there is no agreement among different authors concerning the volume of this species. Some of them recognize single polymorphic species A. pediades with several intraspecies groups. In this case Agrocybe arenicola, A. semiorbicularis and A. subpediades are accepted as synonyms of A. pediades. Under another above-listed species are considered as a group of close but separate taxa. In this research the representatives of A. pediades species complex collected in different parts of Russia have been studied using both molecular and morphological techniques. The analysis of nrITS1-5.8-ITS2 regions has revealed one large well supported clade consisting of specimens labeled before this study as Agrocybe arenicola, A. pediades, A. semiorbicularis and A. subpediades. This clade was characterized by the absence of the reliable morphological differences between included collections. The obtained results correspond to the wide species concept of A. pediades. Several small subclades have been also revealed inside the main clade. Most of them were inconstant with low bootstrap support in NJ, MP and ML analyses. They were shown to belong presumably to A. pediades var. pediades. One subclade recovered in all analyses with high bootstrap support was characterized by some distinct morphological features and was considered afterwards as a new variety of A. pediades – var. bispora. Therefore, all known so far Russian collections belong to A. pediades var. pediades and A. pediades var. bispora.

Agrocybe pediades complex, morphology, new variety, nrITS sequences, phylogenetic analysis, Russia