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Three new species of anthericolous smut fungi on Caryophyllaceae
Cvetomir M. Denchev, Tatiana Giraud & Michael E Hood
Mycologia Balcanica 6: 79–84 (2009)
Published online: 28 August 2009
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Based on molecular phylogenetic analyses and morphological studies, three new cryptic species of
Microbotryum, M. silenes-dioicae on Silene dioica, M. shykoffianum on Dianthus sylvestris, and M. carthusianorum on Dianthus carthusianorum, are described and illustrated. For Ustilago superba on Dianthus superbus, a new combination in Microbotryum, M. superbum, is proposed.

Caryophyllaceae, Dianthus, Microbotryum, Silene, smut fungi, taxonomy