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New records of smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) from Thailand, including two new species, Sporisorium likhitekarajae and Tilletia isachneicola
Roger G. Shivas, Pornpimon Athipunyakom & Alistair R. McTaggart
Mycologia Balcanica 5: 103–107 (2008)
Published online: 23 December 2008
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Several species of smut fungi not previously recorded in Thailand were collected in December 2007. Amongst these were two new species, Sporisorium likhitekarajae on Ischaemum sp. and Tilletia isachneicola on Isachne globosa, which are described and compared with related species.

new species, smut fungi, Sporisorium likhitekarajae, Tilletia isachneicola, Ustilaginomycetes