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Lichenicolous fungi from Russia, mainly from its Arctic. II
Mikhail P. Zhurbenko
Mycologia Balcanica 5: 13–22 (2008)
Published online: 30 May 2008
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67 species in 44 genera of lichenicolous fungi and lichens are reported from Russia, of which 44 species are from its Arctic. The new combination Sphaerellothecium icmadophilae (R. Sant.) Zhurb. is introduced. Cercidospora verrucosaria, Lettauia cladoniicola, Sphaerellothecium icmadophilae, and Stigmidium collematis are new to the Arctic. Lichenochora constrictella, Lichenopeltella cladoniarum, Marchandiomyces corallinus, Sphaerellothecium icmadophilae, Stigmidium collematis, S. leucophlebiae, and Thamnogalla crombiei are new to Russia and Asia. Another five species are new to the Russian Arctic, four species new to Siberia and 18 species new to various Russian provinces. Five lichen genera and nine lichen species are new hosts to various species of lichenicolous fungi.

Arctic, lichenicolous mycota,, new combination, new distribution records, new lichen hosts, Russia, Sphaerellothecium