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Franz Berger

Raiff eisenweg 130, 4794 Kopfi ng, Austria

Gonatophragmium lichenophilum sp. nov. – a new lichenicolous hyphomycete from Austria

Franz Berger, Uwe Braun & Bettina Heuchert
MYCOBIOTA 5: 7–13 (2015)
Published online: 12 June 2015
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The new lichenicolous hyphomycete species Gonatophragmium lichenophilum, found on Xanthoria parietina in Austria, is described, illustrated, discussed and compared with other species of Gonatophragmium. A key is given to all recognised species of this genus.

Ascomycota,asexual morph,Austria,Gonatophragmium,lichen-inhabiting,lichenicolous fungi,taxonomic novelty