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Matthew D. Barrett

Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Fraser Ave, West Perth, WA 6005; School of Plant Biology, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Th e University of Western Australia, Crawley, 6009, Western Australia and c/- Western Australian Herbarium, Department of Environment and Conservation, Locked Bag 104, Bentley Delivery Centre, 6983, Western Australia

Eriocortex eriocauli, gen. et sp. nov. (Ustilaginomycetes) from Australia

Kálmán Vánky, Roger G. Shivas, Matthew D. Barrett & Matthias Lutz
MYCOBIOTA 1: 9–16 (2013)
Published online: 11 January 2013
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A new genus, Eriocortex is proposed to accommodate a peculiar, new smut fungus, E. eriocauli, collected in Australia on Eriocaulon scullionii.

Basidiomycota,Eriocaulaceae,Eriocortex,Eriocortex eriocauli,molecular phylogenetics,plant pathogens,smut fungi,taxonomy