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Volume 12

Checklist of the lichenized and lichenicolous fungi in Bulgaria

Cvetomir M. Denchev, Veselin V. Shivarov, Teodor T. Denchev & Helmut Mayrhofer
MYCOBIOTA 12: 1–106 (2022)
Published online: 28 April 2022
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A checklist of all taxa of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi recorded from Bulgaria is presented. The lichen biota as currently known includes 1137 taxa (1115 species, 5 subspecies, and 17 varieties) of lichenized fungi, 46 species of lichenicolous fungi, and 28 non-lichenized fungi traditionally included in lichenological literature. Lepra corallina is reported for the first time from Bulgaria. An index of synonyms based on literature records from Bulgaria is appended. It includes 1761 infrageneric names.

biodiversity, Bulgaria, fungal diversity, lichenicolous fungi, lichenized fungi