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Ernst Vitek

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Botanische Abteilung, Burgring 7, 1010 Wien, Austria

Additional finds of Anthracoidea melanostachyae (Anthracoideaceae)

Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev, Igor V. Karatygin & Ernst Vitek
MYCOBIOTA 6: 39–45 (2016)
Published online: 23 May 2016
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Anthracoidea melanostachyae, previously known from Iran and Tajikistan on Carex melanostachya, is reported from Armenia and Azerbaijan on the same host plant, and from a new Tajik locality, on a new host plant, C. songorica.

Anthracoidea melanostachyae, Anthracoideaceae, Armenia, Asia, Azerbaijan, Carex melanostachya, Carex songorica, Cyperaceae, Iran, smut fungi, Tajikistan, taxonomy