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Contributions to the smut fungi of Africa. 6. New records of Tilletia oplismeni-cristati, T. vittata, and T. perotidis

Teodor T. Denchev & Cvetomir M. Denchev
MYCOBIOTA 10: 1–11 (2020)
Published online: 29 April 2020
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Additional records to three Tilletia species are reported from Africa: T. oplismeni-cristati on Acroceras calcicola from Madagascar, T. vittata on Oplismenus burmannii from Senegal, and T. perotidis on Perotis patens from Madagascar. Acroceras calcicola is a new host association for T. oplismeni-cristati, currently known only on species of Oplismenus. Descriptions, illustrations, and taxonomic notes are provided for these taxa.

Acroceras calcicola, Africa, grasses, Madagascar, Oplismenus burmannii, Perotis patens, Poaceae, Senegal, smut fungi, taxonomy, Tilletia oplismeni-cristati, Tilletia perotidis, Tilletia vittata